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Tarot of the Pomegranate interview in Norwegian magazine! - Frisk Osloluft - Norge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Frisk Osloluft - Norge

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Tarot of the Pomegranate interview in Norwegian magazine! [Aug. 27th, 2007|01:12 am]
Frisk Osloluft - Norge


Tarotisten, a Norwegian Tarot magazine, featured me and my work this month with three page interview and photos!
For alle dere some kann lese dette:
Tarotisten kan kjøpes på to utsalgssteder i Oslo, Den lille arkana på Youngstorget og Tanum på Karl Johan. Ellers kan det bestilles på nettbutikken http://www.tarotnorge.com.

[User Picture]From: byzantella
2007-08-30 03:52 pm (UTC)
Is that beautiful poster (under the first link) politically loaded? :-)
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[User Picture]From: svartepetra
2007-08-30 10:19 pm (UTC)
Do you mean the opening page of my website? with the dripping carafe??
Heh - I've never looked at it that way! I am very NOT political. So I must say No, it's not but it is definitely open to interpretation. It could be blood or pomegranate juice dripping out of it - you choose, and whatever that means to you is open for interpretation - just like the images in the Tarot..
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[User Picture]From: byzantella
2007-08-30 10:35 pm (UTC)
Then, I'm glad to give a link to it in my journal.
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[User Picture]From: svartepetra
2007-08-30 11:42 pm (UTC)
Cool! ;)
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